What our Clients Say

Judy O'Hehir, Executive Assistant

District Council of Grant

The District Council of Grant would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at LGA Training Unit for all their help in arranging and organising for training for our Staff and Elected Members, particularly when held in our Council area. The training we have engaged in has been very informative and structured to meet our Council requirements.

Mayor Ann Ferguson

Mount Barker District Council

The Mayors and Chairperson Leadership Session in November 2018, was one of the best sessions I’ve attended. It was a great opportunity to refresh my knowledge and share experiences with other Mayors. Times are changing and our ability to share ideas gives us greater confidence to lead. The program flowed well and the outcomes for me were most valuable.

Mayor Michael Coxon

City of West Torrens

Like many new Mayors, I am making the transition from being a Ward Councillor to a City Mayor. Whilst there are many skills and behaviours that are consistent in both roles, leadership of an Elected Member body is completely unique. Attending the Mayors Leadership Session last year clarified it for me. The session was not prescriptive but focused on key behaviours that are crucial in being able to successfully undertake the role. Of the 21 Mayors attending, the majority were newly elected Mayors. Their input together with the insight of the returning Mayors was invaluable to me. I would definitely recommend the session to all newly elected Mayors.

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