Report Writing

Time:   9.00 am to 4:30 pm

For: All Council Officers required to prepare reports.

Course Overview:
This workshop will assist Local Government Officers develop strategies to write successful and effective 'reader oriented' reports. Participants will learn to plan, structure and edit, well organised precise and clear reports. The emphasis of this training will be on the creation of reports that others will want to read and grant approval. Taking a practical approach, this workshop will increase participants confidence and enable them to write clear and concise reports quickly and competently.

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:
    - identify the purpose and reader(s) of their report documents
    - plan and structure reports to ensure correct and logical information flow
    - write to suit their reader(s) and key stakeholders
    - utilise a variety of methods for collecting and evaluating information
    - write using plain English words, sentences and paragraphs
    - use the stages of the report writing process to write, edit and present reports
    - develop and present the facts and arguments to support their findings
    - present clear conclusions and persuasive recommendations
    - structure and format reports for local government reader(s) and standards
    - proofread, edit and revise their written documents to ensure effective outcomes
Anne Haberman of Anne Haberman Training and Consulting Services.  Anne is passionate about helping people communicate effectively through business documents. With over 30 years training experience, she is a highly skilled facilitator who works with her participant’s to achieve their writing and editing goals whilst ensuring their learning experience is enjoyable and practical.