Section 101A Development Act Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee

Duration: 9:30am to 12:30pm 
Delivery Options: LGA, Webinar 
Senior Managers, Planning Officers, Engineers, Community Development Officers, Economic Development Officers and Administration Officers/Executive Assistants - all Council Officers responsible for the preparation of Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee meeting agendas and minutes.

Course Overview:
The Development Act 1993 (Section 101A) requires Councils to establish Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committees.

Such a Committee provides advice to Council on the extent to which the Council's strategic planning and development policies accord with the State Planning Strategy:
-To assist Council in undertaking its strategic planning and monitoring function (relating to achieving orderly and efficient development, transport and land use planning, affordable housing); and
- Providing advice to Council on Strategic Directions Reports and Development Plan Amendments.
This course will provide participants with an understanding of:
    - Governance requirements of Section 101A of the Development Act
    - functions of the Committee
    - Relationship to the Local Government Act
    - Terms of Reference, membership, reporting requirements and delegations
    - Interrelationship to Council's Development Assessment function and role of the CDAP/RDAP
    - What exemptions might apply.