Section 101A Development Act Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee

9:30am to 12:30pm
Senior Managers, Planning Officers, Engineers, Community Development Officers, Economic Development Officers and Administration Officers/Executive Assistants - all Council Officers responsible for the preparation of Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee meeting agendas and minutes.

Course Overview:
The Development Act 1993 (Section 101A) requires Councils to establish Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committees. Such a Committee provides advice to Council on the extent to which the Council's strategic planning and development policies accord with the State Planning Strategy:
to assist Council in undertaking its strategic planning and monitoring function (relating to achieving orderly and efficient development, transport and land use planning, affordable housing); and
providing advice to Council on Strategic Directions Reports and Development Plan Amendments.
This course will provide participants with an understanding of:
    - governance requirements of Section 101A of the Development Act
    - functions of the Committee
    - relationship to the Local Government Act
    - Terms of Reference, membership, reporting requirements and delegations
    - Interrelationship to Council's Development Assessment function and role of the CDAP/RDAP
    - what exemptions might apply.
David Altmann, MPIA CPP, Managing Director of Development Answers P/L. David has over 20 years of Local Government/private sector experience as an Urban Planner, Director and CEO before establishing his own consultancy business in 2009. David has considerable experience with the establishment and management of Section 101A Committees, and also with agenda/minute preparation and reporting.