Public Speaking Skills for Elected Members

Duration: 1 day
For: Council Members.

Course Overview:
Public speaking can be a powerful communication strategy. This workshop will assist participants to develop the ability to present clearly and confidently at meetings, seminars and public meetings or community events.
Participants will gain an understanding of how to:
    - use public speaking skills to present ideas and proposals
    - improve the preparation and delivery of speeches and presentations
    - capture and hold the attention of the audience
    - plan and prepare powerful presentations to match the needs of the audience
    - overcome nerves on the day to present with confidence and impact
    - how to handle question time.
For further information about the content of this program or to enquire about having the content tailored to your specific council or regional needs please contact Liz O’Flynn at liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2044.