Managing Roads

Delivery Options: face-to-face or online via webinar 

For:  Council Officers who manage made and unmade roads and administer authorisations and permits.

Course Overview:
This course will provide an overview of Sections 221, 222 and 224 of the Local Government Act 1999 and the demands faced by councils when assessing and managing roads and road reserves including footpaths.
 The course will also cover council's powers to carry out roadwork and recover costs including:

    - Moveable signs
    - Removal of objects
    - Street trees
    - Damage to roads
    - Managing development on adjoining roads including access.

Participants will gain an understanding of procedures to be followed, the legal risks involved and the competing views of the general public.

Felice D'Agostino from Norman Waterhouse Lawyers.

Felice is a member of the Norman Waterhouse Local Government Governance and Regulatory Services Team and specialise in advice relating to the Local Government Act 1999. Felice has over ten years experience providing advice and representation almost exclusively to Councils, their subsidiaries, Council Members and the Local Government Association on all governance and regulatory matters.