IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation

$1990 + GST

9:30am to 4:30pm

16, 17, 18 April and 30 April & 1 May 2018 

Officers and Managers in the Community Engagement, Community Development, Community Services, Planning and Development and Strategic Planning areas as well as Council Members.
Course Overview:
The landscape of global public participation and community engagement is changing. A proven framework for public participation has never been more essential. People want and need to be engaged as decisions are made, and it must happen in a respectful, positive, and effective way that creates the best possible outcomes for all concerned. That’s where we come in.
The IAP2 Federation has streamlined and refined our highly-regarded and innovative flagship certificate course to meet today’s challenging climate. Whether you are new to the public participation process or an advanced practitioner, this new training will provide you with the structure, techniques, and knowledge you need to be successful. The hands-on design of this programme and the expertise of the IAP2 Federation Licensed Trainers ensure that you’ll be receiving the very best public participation and community engagement training available globally.

Planning for Effective Public Participation - 3 days
A major reason that initiatives fail is inadequate preparation. Our planning module provides you with a proven structure that will greatly increase your odds of a successful project. This hands-on course gives you the opportunity to delve into your own challenges as you learn and review the essential elements of effective public participation planning.
In this first module, you will learn to evaluate the scope of a decision and identify the right processes and decision steps. You’ll learn how to develop a comprehensive decision impact analysis and establish roles and responsibilities. You’ll also learn how to develop a detailed public participation plan for the entire process. This course is a prerequisite for the subsequent module, Techniques for Effective Public Participation.
Techniques for Effective Public Participation – 2 days 
Once you have completed the planning course, you are ready to add 50+ practical tools and methodologies to your public participation toolkit—powerful techniques you can put to immediate use in your next project. This module breaks down specific methods including World Café, Interviews, Revolving Conversations, Deliberation, and Advisory Groups. You’ll also learn how to establish and maintain effective communication throughout the process.
At completion of this 5 day course, participants will receive an internationally recognised IAP2 Public Participation Certificate.
Please note: The LGA Education and Training Service is also offering one day courses for Council
Members and for Council Officers.
Barbara Chappell is the author of the LGA Community Engagement Handbook and the City of Onkaparinga’s Community Engagement Handbook which won the IAP2 Core Values Award for Best Policy Framework 2007. Barbara is licensed to train the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Foundations Program and the Emotion, Outrage and Public Engagement course. Barbara works with Councils and community groups throughout South Australia to raise awareness of community engagement practices.