Techniques for Participation in Community Engagement

Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
For: Community Engagement Officers and Managers in the Community Development, Community Services, Planning and Development and Strategic Planning areas.

Course Overview:

This course will provide participants with an introduction to community engagement techniques that have been developed by practitioners from around the world. Prior to attending this course, it is recommended that participants attend the Community Engagement for Council Officers course which provides training in the use of the Local Government Community Engagement Handbook.

The handbook has been revised to include a section on engagement techniques including how to engage with Aboriginal communities and people with disabilities; and social media. The Community Engagement course teaches participants how to effectively plan for community engagement which leads to the selection of suitable techniques.
This course will:
    - Review and build on the planning process for community engagement
    - Explore the range of skills needed to work with community engagement techniques
    - Provide a structured approach to determining which techniques are most likely to produce desired results and increase participation in community engagement
    - Provide active participation in a range of techniques such as facilitation of small groups, 'Focussed Conversations' and 'World Café'.

Please note: this course is part two of a two part series. Part one is Introduction to Community Engagement for Council Officers 

Barbara Chappell is the author of the LGA Community Engagement Handbook and the City of Onkaparinga's Community Engagement Handbook which won the IAP2 Core Values Award for Best Policy Framework 2007. Barbara is licensed to train the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Certificate Program and the Emotion, Outrage and Public Engagement course.  She works with Councils and community groups throughout South Australia to raise awareness of community engagement practices.