Springboard Women's Career Development Program

$900 + GST
9.30am to 4.30pm

Female Council Officers in non-managerial positions.
Course Overview:
Springboard is an internationally recognised career development program specifically designed for women. It aims to help women identify professional and personal goals, and to develop the skills necessary to achieve those goals.
Springboard is delivered as four full-day workshops conducted over six weeks. Workshops include a variety of experiential learning activities, opportunities for individual reflection, case studies and inspiring guest speakers. A comprehensive participant workbook and coaching system will assist participants to continue their learning between workshops and after the Program's completion.
Topics included in the Program include:
   - setting and achieving career goals
   - communication skills
   - stress management
   - conflict resolution and problem solving
   - dealing with changes
   - networking
   - putting yourself across positively.

Katheryn is a highly skilled coach, facilitator and consultant, with a strong focus on women's development, workplace diversity, and driving high performance.

Participants find Katheryn's workshops invigorating, thought-provoking, and, for many, life-changing. With more than ten years as an Organisational Development Consultant and experience in large corporations, the not-for-profit sector and local government, Katheryn brings a deep understanding of the dynamics, challenges and opportunities of the contemporary workplace to her workshops. Her ability to help people discover their best selves has been honed over many years of coaching individuals at various stages in their careers, from recent graduates to Chief Executive Officers.