Regional Public Health Planning Workshop


9:30am to 4:30pm
This course will assist the person(s) responsible for the development of Regional Public Health Plans, namely Policy and Strategic Planning Staff, Environmental Health Officers, SA Health staff supporting public health planning and Managers of Public Health. Council staff are invited to register for either one of the workshops.
Course Overview:
The LGA has engaged the University of Adelaide to prepare a report that contains a selection of indicators of population health and its determinants to assist Local Government in the preparation of Regional Public Health Plans. A copy of this report, as well as access to an online version of the Population Health Profile Atlas is anticipated to be released by the LGA to Councils in early November 2013.
The Workshop will be the first detailed look at the Population Health Profile, an initiative that ensures that data for community profiles are consistent amongst Local Governments. By attending, you will receive a demonstration of the key features of the Population Health Profile, as well as instruction on how to navigate the system.
Regional Public Health Planning will also be a focus at this Workshop. The LGA, in conjunction with SA Health and the University of Adelaide, will be providing support, relevant information, resources and ample opportunity for discussions and questions.
Various presenters from the LGA, SA Health and the University of Adelaide.