Records Management Fundamentals 2 Day Program (Day 1&2)

Duration: Two days 
9:30am to 4:30pm 

Duration: two days (9 &10 October 2019)
9:30am to 4:30pm 

For: Information and Records Management Officers and other Council Officers responsible for information and records management practices within Councils.

Course Overview:
This two-day course will provide participants with an awareness and understanding of records management concepts, practices and issues relating to Local Government.
Day 1: Records Management Concepts and Framework
Day 2: Classification and Disposal of Records (GDS20 and implications of GDS 40)

Participants attending this course will gain an understanding of the:
Standards and legislation relating to the management of records

  • Records Management Framework required for compliance and best practice
  • Practices required to manage and maintain Council records, including:
    • Digital and Physical Records Management
    • Record Creation, Capture and Control
    • Classification and File Creation
    • Disposal GDS20 (and implications of GDS40), GDS21, GDS32, GDS 36
    • Destruction of Temporary Records – self authorisation
    • Management of Permanent Retention Records
    • Privacy and Access
The course will provide hands-on, informative, practical training and will enable participants to engage with officers from other Councils who are facing similar issues.

Please note: Day two: 'Classification and Disposal of Records' (GDS20 and implications of GDS40) is available to attend as a single day session. For further information and to enrol please Click here

Wendy Fewsdale has extensive experience in the records management industry, working in both local and state government spheres and the private sector. She has both the practical experience gained by working as a records manager within local government, strategic experience as an advisor and records management consultant for State Records of South Australia and as a private consultant in her own business.
As a trainer and educator, Wendy has developed and delivered numerous training and awareness sessions across all industry sectors as well as undergraduate and postgraduate tutorials for the School of Communication and Information. She has also developed and delivered Certificate III and IV Business (Recordkeeping), training courses and presentations for State Records of South Australia, private sector and government clients, seminars and conferences and is an experienced HP TRIM, HP RM and HP CM and Objective Electronic Document and Records Management System trainer.