Essential Supervisors Course

9:30am to 4:30pm (both days)
Leading hands, Co-ordinators, Supervisors and Team Leaders.

Course Overview:
This course provides the underpinning knowledge required to successfully monitor staff and coach them for high level performance. 
This course will provide participants with an understanding of:
    - communicating with team members and management to ensure open communication channels and to clarify issues
    - resolving conflict and disputes in the work team
    - being a role model for other team members
    - consulting and developing objectives with the work team
    - developing risk management approaches
    - developing techniques to address faults and inefficiencies
    - identifying and developing opportunities for improved work practices
    - monitoring and adjusting operational performance by producing short-term plans, planning and acquiring resources and reporting on performance
    - preparing work plans and budgets
    - actively seeking feedback on own performance from clients and colleagues
    - prioritising tasks
    - coaching and mentoring colleagues and team members to support the introduction of change
    - using business technology such as computer programs and telecommunications to collect and manage information.
Participants may choose to complete an assessment and undertake recognition of current competencies (RCC) to achieve a Certificate IV in Frontline Management. The RCC process will occur over a six month period.