Elected Members Leadership Program

Duration:  9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Local Government House - 148 Frome Street Adelaide, 5000
Delivery: Face to face
For: Elected Members 

Course overview:
The Elected Members Leadership Program is a series of one-day professional and personal leadership sessions for both continuing and newly elected members. The program is designed to continue setting elected members up for success by assisting them to grow skills in building professional working relationships, understanding team dynamics and working with their communities to make a positive difference.

Being now eight months into a new term of Council there is much ‘learning by doing’ going on in fulfilling the role of Elected Member on Council. This Elected Member Leadership session will be an opportunity to explore some of the shared learning so far and discuss some of the challenges and the opportunities that reinforce and\or re-ignite leadership effectiveness. 

The morning of this program will be dedicated to building connections between Elected Members from across the sector.  It will provide an opportunity to explore and reflect on experiences gained since the beginning of the first term and share key learnings. Facilitated by Rowena McLean, Director, Sector Development, LGA, this session will be interactive, fun and an opportunity to build an elected member's network beyond their own council patch.

The role of Elected Member can be both rewarding and challenging and it requires members to work with different people, both within Council and in the community. Whether it’s managing a community member’s expectations and\or having a difficult conversation with another Elected Member, the afternoon session of this program will offer opportunities to learn ways to better lead and manage challenging situations. Debra Sarre, the founder and Principal Consultant of SarreODL will facilitate this session.  Deb will offer practical ways to develop skills in leading more effectively and managing difficult situations. Typical scenarios and simulated exercises will be used in a safe and respectful learning environment. 
Debra is a coach, facilitator and educator supporting the development of leaders. Drawing on 20 years experience, she specialises in building strong and positive leaders and teams. Debra easily establishes trusting working relationships, encourages risk-taking, self-reflection and growth on a foundation of evidence-based research and practice.

For further information about the program please contact Liz O'Flynn, Program Manager, LGA Training liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au or on 08 8224 2044.


Elected Members Leadership Program Local Government House, Adelaide 19 Aug 2019