Council Members Leadership Program


Scheduled: Friday 12 July 2019
Duration:  Full 1 Day Program (including a networking dinner)
Location: Local Government House – 148 Frome Street, Adelaide, 5000

Fee: TBA (under revision)

For: Council Members
Council Members’ Forum Details
The Council Members Leadership Program will be held in February 2018 and July 2019 at LG House, 148 Frome Street, Adelaide. All Council Members are encouraged to attend.

These events provide a unique opportunity for council members across the state to hear from expert speakers on a range of key issues currently facing local government and to share views and experiences with colleagues.
Please Note: program will be released online soon – please contact Liz Flynn, Training and Development Officer to discuss details on 08 8224 2044


Upcoming Dates

Council Members Leadership Program LG House, 148 Frome St Adelaide 5000 12 Jul 2019