Council and Committee Meeting Procedures and Chairing Skills

9:30am to 4:30pm

Council Members, Committee Members, Mayors, CEOs and Council Officers responsible for advising on meeting processes

Course Overview:
 If you are a new Council Member keen to understand Council and Committee meeting procedures and chairing skills- or if you are a returned Member who would like to brush up on your knowledge and skills- this course is for you.


This course will provide you with an understanding of;
    - strategies around chairing Local Government meetings more effectively and productively in accordance with the appropriate Acts;
    - the application of the provisions of the Act and the Regulations in relation to procedures at Council and Council Committee meetings;
    - meeting processes and chairing skills in Local Government meetings;
    - roles and responsibilities of those attending Local Government meetings;
    - knowledge and skills required to contribute effectively to decision making processes;
    - strategies to undertake the role of presiding member more effectively and productively; and

    - the legislative requirements in relation to the process and procedures involved in Local Government meetings and participation in meetings.

Felice D'Agostino - Local Government Governance & Regulatory Services – Norman Waterhouse Lawyers
Felice D’Agostino has over 10 years experience assisting and providing advice to local authorities on a wide variety of matters involving  statutory interpretation, administrative law, governance, public administration,  freedom of information, and regulatory and enforcement.


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