CEO Performance Management

9:30am to 4:30pm

Council Members, CEOs and Human Resource Managers.

Course Overview:

The role of the CEO in local government is one of the most challenging senior positions within the general business community. Finding and supporting talented people in these roles is critical to ensuring the sound and sustainable functioning of the corporation as well the delivery of services to the community.

This workshop will explore the range of elements involved in the ‘performance management’ of the Chief Executive Officer beginning with the establishment of clear performance parameters and expectations through to dealing with those who despite their best efforts are struggling in the role.

Program Overview

As indicated ‘performance management’ is an all encompassing term that is used to describe a range of practices.

As well as covering the general principles of performance management, this workshop will specifically focus on the recently released LGA Code of Practice for the Review of a CEOs Performance covering the following key areas;

    - Clarifying and agreeing the performance parameters and measures

    - The importance of ongoing feedback and dialogue

    - Tools and Methods for conducting a performance review

    - The importance of valid and reliable assessments

    - Supporting the CEO to perform at their best
    - Dealing with sub-par performance

    - Managing the legal and contractual issues.