Local Government Reform Implications

Target Audience

Governance staff, CEO's and Elected Members



The State Government’s Local Government Reform process contained over 70 proposals for changing the Local Government Act. While not all of these changes will be supported by Parliament, the impact of changes is still expected to be substantial.

Upon the finalisation of the Amendment Bill LGA Training intends to offer training sessions outlining the changes and providing advice on how councils should prepare.
Some elements of the changes may warrant additional specific training sessions (i.e. new processes for managing Elected Member conduct, conflict of interests requirements). To stay informed about upcoming training sessions or to request specific sessions inhouse at your council or at a council hub please ‘register here’.


Additional Information

For further information about the content of this program or to enquire about having this program brought ‘In-House’ to your council or to a ‘Council Hub’ near you please contact LGA Training on 8224 2000 or at training@lga.sa.gov.au.