Module 2 - Legal Responsibilities - Online


Pricing and discounted rates

This module is an investment of $200 + GST.  A discounted package is available for 2 or more participants.

By completing this mandatory training module, Council Members will gain an overview of their duties as a Council Member under the Local Government Act 1999 and related legislation. The module will describe the roles of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, the Minister for Local Government and the Ombudsman regarding individual and Council performance, with an emphasis on investigations of maladministration, corruption and misconduct. This 2 hour video will cover the following information:

Role of a Council Member


General Duties

Code of Conduct for Council Members

Conflict of Interest

Register of Interests

Responsibilities concerning the provision of support and resources

Legal Protections for Council Members


External Oversight

  • Ombudsman SA
  • Independent Commissioner Against Corruption
  • Minister for Local Government
  • District Court

The LGA Training Standard is available here

We encourage you to click here - 'Welcome to Local Government' to watch this 2 minute video prior to undertaking this module.





Module 2 - Legal Responsibilities - Online (2019 - 2020) Available until 31 May 2020