Sharps & Infectious Waste Handling

Investment: $150 + GST (flat right per-person) 
Duration: 2 hours
Delivery options: Face-to-face, webinar
For: All workers, contractors, volunteers, and supervisors and managers of staff who are exposed to the risks involved with handling sharps and infectious waste.

Under Section 19 of the WHS Act, all PCBU’s (organisations) are required to provide training to workers, supervisors, volunteers and contractors to reduce the risk of injury or illness when collecting and handling sharps and infectious waste such as syringes, glass and contaminated waste materials. Collecting and handling these materials carries a risk and requires skilled workers.
Penalties for reckless conduct under the WHS Act. incur fines up to $3million dollars for   corporations and government bodies and up to $300,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment for individuals.

This session will cover the following elements:

  • Sharps and infectious waste; examples and situations
  • Accessing and using workplace policies, procedures and documents relating to sharps and infectious waste
  • Identifying a single exposed sharp, multiple exposed and hidden sharps and infectious waste
  • Undertaking risk assessment to identify hazards, risks and control measures
  • Using the safety hierarchy of control
  • Implementing control measures to ensure safety of self and others, such   as PPE, barriers, signage, prevention and removal tools and equipment, standard precautions and safe work practices
  • Emergency procedures and responses
  • Communicating hazards to supervisor and provide reports
  • Using tools and equipment to remove sharps and infectious waste
  • Safely and correctly dispose of items and clean up
  • Maintaining and storing all PPE, tools and equipment
  • Completing risk assessment documentation
  • Guidelines and Code of Practice

Cate Blackman, Paragon Work Health Safety, Member of Safety Institute of Australia. Master of Business Administration, Cert IV in WHS, Nationally  accredited workplace trainer and assessor (Cert IV TAE), Diploma of Vocational  Education and Training, Graduate Certificate of Retail Leadership, Diploma of Retail Management, Diploma of Marketing.
Experience:  Senior manager in FMCG companies, Vocational Education and Training Manager and Facilitator, WHS Trainer/ Manager.

For further information about holding tailored in-house sessions at your council or at a hub in your region, or for queries about program content please contact Liz O'Flynn at liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2044.