Information Management for Elected Members-Part 1

Duration: 3 hrs 
Delivery Options: Face to face and webinar

For: Elected Members

This session is part one of a two part series that explores information management for elected members.
'Securing the Digital Highway' is a workshop designed to give a comprehensive understanding of information management in the context of local government. In particular, this session will overview the digital world that includes the ‘internet of things’ and information rights in context of the role and responsibilities of council and elected members.

Participants will explore the following questions:
Why is it important to protect information?
What are my responsibilities on privacy?
How do you secure mobile devices?
What are the digital information issues relevant to the community?

For further information and to enrol in part two of this series 'Social Media Etuquette and Branding' please follow this link: http://training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/course/?id=45489&type=w 

For further information about the content of this program or to enquire about having the delivery tailored to your specific council or regional needs please contact Liz O’Flynn at liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2044.