Code of Conduct

Duration: 9:30am to 12:30pm 
Delivery Options: Face to face and webinar

For: Elected Members

Session Overview:
This session is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of the Code of Conduct in the context of an elected member’s statutory obligations.

Participants will explore the continuum of ‘prevention to intervention’ methods when upholding the Code of Conduct.  The session will expand on what is covered in ‘Module 2: Legal Responsibilities’, providing further information in relation to the LGA’s Governance Panel, the SA Ombudsman and ICAC.

The session will use case studies from the sector to illustrate and enforce understanding. 

For further information about the content of this program or to enquire about having the delivery tailored to your specific council or regional needs please contact Liz O’Flynn at liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2044.