Whistleblowers - Fraud and Corruption Reporting

Duration: 9:30am to 12:30pm 
Delivery Options: LGA, Webinar and Regional – please email Emma Urvan to discuss details

For: Elected Members and Council Officers (including CEOs and Governance Officers) involved in the consideration of Whistleblower and fraud and corruption issues.

This practical, interactive session raises awareness of corruption and corruption risks and the role of Council Officers and Council Members in recognising and responding to these issues.

This course will provide participants with the opportunity to:
- Examine and discuss the types of conduct that could constitute corruption and/or fraud
- Understand the relevance of the Whistleblowers Protection Act and the ICAC Act in the context of fraud and corruption reporting
- Identify fraud and corruption risks
- Identify strategies to manage fraudulent and/or corrupt conduct
- Consider principles and mechanisms of prevention
- Examine the LGA model Fraud & Corruption Policy and consider an appropriate reporting procedure for fraud and corruption consistent with the ICAC Directions and Guidelines

Please note: to attend full day program please click the following link 'Whistleblowers Protection Act Responsible Officers– full day rate with discounts will apply