Whistleblowers Protection Act Responsible Officers

Duration: 1:30pm to 4:30pm 
Delivery Options: LGA, Webinar and Regional – please email Emma Urvan to discuss details

For: CEOs, Governance Managers, Responsible Officers appointed under the Whistleblower Protection Policy.

Responsible Officers appointed under a Council's Whistleblower Protection Policy are authorised to receive and act upon disclosures of public interest information made by a person in accordance with the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993.
This training session has been specifically tailored for responsible officers to provide them with the relevant expertise required to effectively handle and, where appropriate, investigate and present their findings in relation to such disclosures.
This session will provide participants with an understanding of:
- The legislative issues in relation to whistleblowers legislation, including the disclosure of public interest information and the role of the informant in the process
- The role of the Responsible Officer and his/her obligations under the Whistleblowers Protection Act
- Complaint handling and investigations procedures
- Report preparation
-Techniques for managing sensitive information, including OHS&W considerations
- Impacts upon the Responsible Officer in managing disclosures.
Please note: to attend full day program please click the following link  'Whistleblowers Fraud and Corruption Reporting' full day rate with discounts will apply