Integrating the Asset Management Plan into the Long Term Financial Plan Workshop

9:30am to 4:30pm

For CEOs, Asset Managers and Senior Finance Officers responsible for suggesting proposed framework, structure and constraints for, and content of, their Council's Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans.
This workshop will teach participants the practical steps involved in developing a long term financial plan and financial strategy that will finance the delivery of the operational and capital programs identified in the asset management plan.

Participants will be encouraged to use asset and financial data from their own Councils to prepare a draft long term finance plan and financial strategy. Alternative data will be available to use if preferred.

The objective of this workshop is to provide the participant with a clear understanding of the processes involved in developing the links between the asset management plan and long term financial plan and how to develop a financial strategy to finance the asset renewal and maintenance requirements as identified in the asset management plan.

An easy to follow presentation method is taught to participants to enable non-accountants and asset managers to easily understand the impact of their asset management decisions on Councils ongoing financial sustainability.

Whilst a model excel template will be provided in the workshop to develop the long term financial plan the actual model used by Council can be whichever one it prefers; the principals taught and methodology used will be relevant to the participant regardless of which long term planning software is used.
Courses to consider that complement this training:
Preparing & Updating Asset Management Plans 
Preparing & Updating Long Term Financial Plans 

SPECIAL RATE: Attend Integrating the Asset Management Plan into the Long Term Financial Plan (6 Hour face to face only Workshop)(please hyperlink)  (plus Preparing & Updating Asset Management Plans and Preparing & Updating Long Term Financial Plans (either face to face or via webinar) and receive all three sessions for E&T’s 2 day rate $680 + GST)

Rex Mooney is a Local Government Finance Specialist. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience in the not for profit sector, the last thirteen being spent in the Local Government Sector.
Rex has undertaken numerous projects across many SA & NT based Councils specialising in asset management planning, long-term financial planning, annual business planning & annual budgeting, annual financial statement preparation, budget reviews, financial performance reports, special purpose reporting, Audit Committee membership and management, economic modelling.