Social Media Webinar - Webinar #11: Developing engaging social media content

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm 

Pricing for Social Media Webinars
Webinars and pricing will be released in two bundlesBundle 1 (webinar numbers 1–6) and Bundle 2 (webinar numbers 7-12)
The same discount percentage will apply for number of attendees from a council and for number of webinars an individual attends.

Session Overviews:

Webinar #11: Developing engaging social media content 
Posting lots of social media content but not getting the response you are after? In the face of algorithms and just so much content, its getting harder to get your messages seen. Engagement is the key to turning this around – and this webinar explains how. It looks at different types of content, and tips and tricks to creating content that people want to interact with.
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