Local Government - Procurement & Competition Law

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm
Cost: $200 + GST flat rate

Target audience: Procurement Officers (both senior and junior); Governance Officers and CEO’s
Training Overview:
Councils have collaborated, particularly in the area of procurement, for a long time. The sector's appetite to do so is increasing as more and more council’s seek to take advantage of the benefits that joint procurement delivers. 
Joint procurement has many advantages for councils.  It also comes with risks – a lot of which councils will mitigate through partnership agreements (and charters).    
The risks associated with breaching competition laws however, namely cartel conduct, is not necessarily being successfully addressed through the joint procurement models and in some instances, negotiating behaviours by councils under a joint procurement model exacerbate these risks. This session will discuss the various governance models that are available to Councils who wish to undertake joint procurement, and identify where competition compliance risks may arise. 
The purpose of this session is to help councils to identify and minimise these risks. 
This session will discuss practical tips for establishing internal frameworks and offer case studies of recent authorisation processes in South Australia.
Presenter: Susie Inat, Partner, MinterEllison.
Please note: webinar option is available for councils. Please contact Emma Urvan if you wish to attend session via webinar.