Catalyst Women in Leadership (NEW)

Dates: Tuesday 21 & Wednesday 22 August 2018 and Tuesday 18 & Wednesday 19 September 2018 (over four days)

Cost: $1700 + GST pp flat rate 
‘Catalyst Women in Leadership’ is underpinned by the philosophy that leadership is a state of mind, not a position. This program is designed for women who want to be outstanding leaders, no matter where they sit in the organisational hierarchy. Catalyst supports women to establish and achieve goals that maximise personal and professional outcomes. For some, the result is a leap up the corporate ladder, while for others it is renewed energy, effectiveness and focus in the work they already do.

Outcomes you can expect from participating in the four workshops include:
Leading myself: Exploring the mindset, actions and behaviours that underpin leadership success
- Heightened self-awareness of individual strengths and areas for development
- Ability to take responsibility and accountability for own thoughts, feelings and actions
- A developed a growth mind-set to maximise personal potential and bring out the best in others.

Leading with confidence and purpose
-  Understanding of the differentiation between leadership and management
- Techniques for building resilience, including how to remain calm, present and engaged when under pressure
- Overcoming self-limiting thoughts and behaviours

Engaging, influencing and motivating others
- Increased understanding of different communication styles, including strategies to increase assertiveness and negotiating successful outcomes
- Giving and receiving effective feedback to encourage others to take ownership and responsibility for their behaviours and actions

Leading self and others strategically
- Skills for successfully delegating work to others to increase your capacity to focus on strategic priorities
- Understanding the complexities of leading in rapidly changing times
- Knowing when and how to leverage personal and professional networks
- Developing a leadership brand / identity
While formal leadership experience is not a prerequisite for Catalyst, it is suggested that prospective participants have at least five years work experience and a willingness to rise to the challenges that the program presents.
Why a Women-only program?
Research supports that all-women development programs are invaluable in supporting women to make positive changes. Many women report that they are more at ease practising new skills in women-only environments, and, having challenged workshop setting, they are better able to apply their learning in the workplace.
Katheryn Curnow – Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
- Masters in Business Administration 
- Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis                                           
- Certified Coach: NeuroLeadership Institute

Katheryn is skilled at working with aspiring and existing leaders to translate the abundance of research and publications relating to Leadership best practice into meaningful action. She has built a reputation as a motivational coach and facilitator who inspires others to make lasting changes in their attitudes and behaviors. Katheryn is committed to setting participants up for success through encouraging accountability with translating new knowledge and skills gained as a part of workshops into immediate and sustainable action.


Upcoming Dates

Catalyst Women in Leadership (NEW) LG House, 148 Frome St Adelaide 5000 21 Aug - 19 Sep 2018