MS Outlook: Advanced

Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm 

For: Council Staff who would like to extend their MS Outlook skills

Course Overview:
Develop Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2013 skills and knowledge to manage and organise your e-mail, schedule meetings with colleagues, manage your contact information, create task requests for others to perform and much more.
At the completion of this workshop you should be able to:
- Effectively edit email messages
- Organise and work with mail folders and use quick steps
- Use the search facilities to locate messages and other outlook items
- Work with message views
- Create and work with colour categories
- Create and use rules to manage your email messages
- Use many outlook features as you work with email messages
- Schedule appointments and events in your calendar
- Schedule meetings using outlook
- Monitor and manage your contacts within outlook
- Create and work with task requests
Prerequisites: Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2013 2 assumes some knowledge of the software and it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.