Policy and/or Procedure Workshop (in-house)

9:30am to 4:30pm

Councils seeking individually tailored training in writing and development of policies and/or procedures.

Course Overview:

Course content and learning outcomes to be negotiated with individual - Councils, but areas of learning could include:
- Developing internal Council policies and procedures;
- Understanding and developing policy positions on behalf of Council;
- Area specific policy development (e.g. natural resources management, climate change, community development etc.);
- Common challenges in policy development and strategies to overcome them;
- Engaging community and stakeholders in the policy development process;
- Writing and structuring policy and/or procedure documents; and
- Other relevant topics as required by individual Councils.
Victoria Haupt has been working with local government in strategy and policy development for almost 15 years. Qualified in urban and regional planning and training and assessment, she is the founder of writing and consulting practice Concise www.concise.com.co