Local Government Tourism Festival and Events Workshop


Cost: $60 + GST
Time:  9:00am to 3:45pm

Mayors, Councillors & CEO’s and council staff who work in economic development, events, community and customer services. State and Federal Government officers are also welcome to attend.
Workshop Overview:

Staged to deliberately to be a little ‘off-centre’, this event, to be held at Raj House in the city, will launch the “Festivals and Events Guide for Local Government”.

This guide was developed by Greenhill Consulting and funded by the LGA’s Research and Development Fund to provide an understanding of festivals and events from a Local Government perspective and to support councils in their planning for the sector.

The guide covers topics such as strategic planning, event attraction, leveraging events, reinvigorating events, event funding and event impact and evaluation.  

As a result of the LGA’s engagement with  ‘The Fringe Festival’ the day will open with a session that replicates an event ‘debriefing meeting’. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience ‘live’ the issues Fringe deal with when staging events and the learnings they have gained from the most recent instalment of the outrageously successful Fringe Festival.

Speakers include, Shaun de Bruyn from the South Australian Tourism Industry Council who will talk about why the SA Tourism Awards (Local Government Award for Tourism) and Service Excellence in the Tourism Economy are so important; Rodney Harrex, CEO of the SATC, who will tell us where the money is for our events and festivals and councils will also get the opportunity to pitch their event ideas to him and Vicky Troptsidis who is Managing Director for Eventful Projects, she will talk to us about what makes an event great and how to make it memorable.
The final part of the day will be spent pulling apart the guide to bring it alive. Experts in risk management, insurance, sponsorship, marketing and communications will give their time for event coordinators to upskill and discuss new event ideas.
This event is an opportunity for South Australian councils to share ideas about festivals and events and explore the notion of the “tourist economy” assisting in growing local businesses. The information provided will ensure that events have appropriate rigour attached via risk management and insurance and assist councils in multi-jurisdictional events which may afford the LGA SA an opportunity to advocate on their behalf.
This event also offers an opportunity to promote the role festival and events coordinators play within councils and arm them with sufficient tools to grow that section of their local economy, share their knowledge with colleagues and build relationships.
Various presenters