Writing an Effective Business Case

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
For:  Council staff who are responsible for developing and producing proposals or responsible for their assessment and approval- Accounting Officers, Project Managers, Finance Officers.
Course Overview:
A Business Case presents the thoughts and reasoning behind any proposed business project or task. A well-written business case can be a compelling argument in favour of getting approval for the plan, allocating resources and initiating tasks. It presents facts clearly and in a concise manner, and shows exactly what the benefits and risks of undertaking the project would be.
Our one day course in Business Case Writing teaches you the how's and why's of writing a winning Business Case. It provides value to anyone who has to develop or make a presentation of a proposal before others, and helps to enable effective business decisions. You will learn the professional and systematic approach to presenting your case in such a manner so that stakeholders’ concerns are addressed and plausible solutions are outlined for project challenges. You will understand how to arrive at the value proposition, and evaluate costs, benefits and key risks.
This Business Case Writing workshop covers the following topics:

- Introduction and overview
- Establishing the rationale behind the Business Case
- Writing the summary
- Identifying objectives
- Identifying market potential and comparing market ratings of competitors
- Data collection including challenges and risks involved in the proposed business, with proposed solutions
- Costs and Benefits analysis
- Presenting your case supported by data, tables and so on
- Writing tips and effective presentation techniques
- Example of a Business Case Template
- Final Checklist
- Hands-on Business Case Writing Session
Presenter: TBC