Facilitating Debriefs Clinic



$350 + GST

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
The i-Responda program in partnership with the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is pleased to offer the following development opportunity. We would encourage all councils and agencies that conduct debriefs to attend.
Learn how to get the most benefit out of debriefs
Debriefing offers a valuable opportunity to review activities undertaken.
However, all of us can improve our skills at debriefing, and this clinic will teach you the art of success and give you some resources to assist. It will cover:
- The steps to prepare, build, and conduct a debrief
- Strategies to ensure a debrief actively engages
- How to make debriefs a challenging and safe learning environment
- Using effective techniques (and avoiding some common ineffective ones)
- Acquire skills to overcome potential barriers that inhibit learning.
- Strategies to unravel understanding and contrast different perspectives
- Linking debriefs to organisational learning.
Your learning is supported by purpose built publications so you can understand what research has found and translate key findings into your next debrief.
Who should attend?
Anyone can benefit from this clinic, but it is designed for those with responsibility for facilitating debriefs, has an interest in facilitating debriefs, or is involved in organisational learning and development, especially:
- Instructors and simulation designers
- Operational personnel, including Incident management team and functional unit leaders
- Emergency centre coordinators and managers
- Those responsible for near miss investigation reporting and after accident reviews
About the development of the clinic
The clinic was developed as part of the AIIMS Capability Development Roadshow from a research project undertaken for the (former) Bushfires CRC. The clinic was road tested in 2015 around Australia and received very positive participant appraisal.