Building Better Regions Fund Workshop

9:30am to 4:30pm
All Staff who have a role in applying for the next major Australian Government Infrastructure Funding Round: Round One of Building Better Regions Fund.
Building Better Regions Fund:
The Australian Government is replacing the National Stronger Regions Fund with a new program named Building Better Regions Fund.  With close to $297.7 million available, the media statement, says:
“The Building Better Regions Fund will focus exclusively on areas outside of major capital cities,” Minister Nash said. “A new community investment stream will be added to help build rural, regional and remote communities. Further, projects will compete against other projects of similar size—small community applications will not be judged against huge infrastructure projects. The first round is expected to open late this year (2016). 

You can find further information on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development webpage please click here
If you would like to hear how to be successful with grants, Section51 is the team to listen to.  In the combined three rounds of NSRF the Section51 team wrote 45% of the total number of all successful South Australian local government applications.  The Section51 team has achieved $20,202,492 million for multiple SA councils, just with NSRF.  In the recently announced round three the only successful SA local government applications were written by Section51.  The team knows how grants work and are happy to teach you.

Workshop Overview:
The workshop uses real, successful applications to provide hints and strategies for you to achieve success with the upcoming first round of Building Better Regions Fund.  The hints and strategies can be used for other Australian Government or State Grant Programs.  The workshop is in four parts.
- What does Minister Nash mean when she says ‘help build rural, regional and remote communities’?  We provide the background, purpose and intent of the Australian Government in providing this funding and why you can fail if you ignore the reasons behind the intent.
- We workshop each of the core application criteria using real projects, including ones you may bring along.  The criteria fit together, along with the attachments, like a jigsaw.  Every word in every criteria and the application form is a piece of the puzzle.  When there are 479 applications, and only 67 will be approved, every piece is critical.
- Grant applications now require detailed evidence and proof in the attachments, that what you say in the criteria is real.  We work though the attachments showing you the level of detail needed and approaches you can take.
- Future funding is dependent on proof that your council has delivered past grant funds successfully. If your council delivers existing funding poorly, you are putting future funding at risk.  We take you through delivery pitfalls, traps and risks and show you how to tell your great story of success through milestone and final reports so that funding providers will want to give you more money.  


Colin Steele is Managing Director of Section51. Prior to establishing Section51 in 2010, Colin worked for ten years in local government, eleven years in State Government and ten years designing, assessing, managing and evaluating grant programs for the Australian Government. The Section51 team has extensive experience in all parts of the grants process, including writing multiple successful applications for round two of NSRF