Time Management: Have you got the time?

9:30am to 4:30pm

Those people who are often overloaded and need to learn the simple skills associated with improved time management.
Key Focus Areas
- Assessing personal time management skills
- Developing a schedule
- Planning techniques
- Managing email ‘overload’
- Knowing when to work on what
- Prioritising tasks
- Delegation
- The multi – tasking myth
- Handling interruptions
- Urgent versus Important
- Breaking bad habits
- Development Action Plan
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this one day workshop or 1:1 programme, you will be able to:
- Be more productive and efficient
- Identify and address poor time management habits
- Manage multiple demands on your time
- Know how to handle email communication
- Multi task with ease
- Remove the bad habits that stand in the way of effective time management
- Recognise when and how to say ‘no’
- Schedule interruptions

Local Government Association of SA in collaboration with TAFESA