Dog and Cat Management Act - Training Update

10:00am to 3:00pm 
Managers/Team Leaders/Senior Animal Officers
Course Overview:
Review of changes to the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and how it will effect Council processes and procedures, including timelines for implementation. 
Topic Covered:
- Team Leaders and Authorised Officers:
- Legislation change overview
- Registration fees, charges, rebates and offence and expiation fees
- Community engagement
- Cats – what is required under the Act
- Authority and powers under the Act for Authorised Officers
- Forms
- Animal Management Plans
- Reporting
Authorised Officers:
- New Powers and Authority
- Delegations
- Changes to Control and Prohibition Orders
- New offences, penalties and evidentiary provisions
- Practical examples of possible new queries and breaches requiring investigation
- New Forms

Important Legal Update: (1.5 hour session)
-What the changes mean for Animal Management Officers and what administrative arrangements Council’s will need to put in place
-Utilising the seizure, destruction and investigation powers - what Animal Management Officers need to know
-Control and prohibition orders: what considerations should be taken into account moving forward (with reference to case studies)
-Preparing for a successful prosecution: from barking dogs, breach of control orders and dog attacks - what is required and the common pitfalls to avoid (again with reference to case studies)
Andrew Lamb - Board Secretary, Dog and Cat Management Board
Cimon Burke- Lawyer, Kelledy Jones Lawyers