Planning and Partnerships Forum – new and emerging opportunities for Councils

Cost:  FREE (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)
Time:  Friday 23 September 2016 - 9.30am -  4:00pm
For: All council staff

Councils are invited to a full day Regional Public Health Planning forum on Friday 23 September 2016. The morning session will focus on how Councils can use the Australian Early Development Census in strategic planning, public health planning and community development. The afternoon session, provides an opportunity to link the work of the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) sector and Councils in relation to improved public health outcomes for communities.

Please click on links below to download presentations from the day:

The evidence behind the AEDC as an indicator - Associate Professor Sally Brinkman
Using the AEDC in local government settings - Sheree Simmons
Planning and Public Partnerships Forum - Courtney Bartosak
Public Health Planning – What do Council RPHPs tell us? - Kath Thomas
COTA - Kirsty Rawlings                                                ADFA (Good Sports) - Margie Fahy                          
DASSA - Steve Lymb                                                   GIRTH - Marg McGee                      
Volunteering SA & NT                                                 OFTA - Jeanette Walters
Active Ageing  - Melanie Smith                                    Heart Foundation - Amanda Rischbiet                     
Walking SA – Wendy Keech                                        UCWB Community Foodies - Carolyn Dent 
Forum Overview:
Acknowledging feedback from regional Councils, the program has been structured to include a morning and afternoon session to enable a full day program to make best use of travel time. Morning Tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.
Morning Session - 9:30am - 12:00pm
In partnership with Department of Education and Child Development (DECD), the LGA is offering councils an opportunity to understand how the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) can be used as a planning tool to support the best possible start for children (as mentioned in LGA Circular 32.5).
At this forum, you will be provided with a snapshot of the 2015 AEDC data released in March this year and guidance about how to use the AEDC to better understand children’s developmental vulnerability and strengths in your local government area.  Also showcased, will be first-hand accounts from a Council that is embracing the AEDC data to inform key directions across strategic plans, public health plans and as part of a community development focus.
Afternoon Session - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
In partnership with SA Health, the LGA will provide an opportunity for Councils to network with NGOs (and Government Agencies) to support an increased understanding of NGO business and opportunities for partnership. The session will link NGO business with priorities identified in Councils Regional Public Health Plans, informed by the analysis that SA Health has undertaken.  A forum for NGO’s was recently hosted by SA Health in partnership with the LGA, to inform NGOs about Regional Public Health Planning from a State & Local Government perspective.  Since that event there has been significant interest in further engaging and working with Local Councils in the area of Public Health planning.  The aim of the afternoon session is to present critical information in a dynamic and exciting forum, facilitate conversations and build opportunities for partnerships and collaboration,  more detail to follow.
Please note:
To register for morning and afternoon session only please sumbit registrations direct to Emma Urvan.