Management of Council Land and Buildings: Governance Masterclass

9:30am to 4:30pm

All council staff involved in the management of council property assets, requests from users of council property to undertake works and governance and risk management.
Course overview:
This training will cover all aspects of the property law and governance arrangements that underpin the management of property assets by councils that are the subject of a lease, licence, authorisation or permit.  There will be a specific focus on the powers of councils to enter into agreements for the use of property and the governance arrangements that need to be put in place to manage those agreements (including changes that arise and works that are proposed to be carried out by users). 
The training will include:
    - relevant legislation;
    - powers and functions of councils when managing council property;
    - delegations and authorisations required to manage council property and requests received in relation to leases, licences, authorisations and permits;
    - powers and functions of councils in relation to works proposed on council land by users of council property; and 
    - the role of policies and operating procedures in managing leases, licences, authorisations and permits.
Felice D’Agostino – Partner – Norman Waterhouse Lawyers
Felice D’Agostino has over 10 years experience assisting and providing advice to local authorities on a wide variety of matters involving  statutory interpretation, administrative law, governance, public administration,  freedom of information, and regulatory and enforcement.
Yari McCall - Senior Associate
Yari has been a Senior Associate at Norman Waterhouse since July 2009 and joined the firm as a Solicitor in October 2006. Following her admission in September 2005 Yari worked as a solicitor in a general country legal practice, gaining exposure to a diverse range of practice areas, including residential conveyancing, general commercial transactions and minor civil disputes.