How to use LGA Delegations Templates Workshop

9:30am to 12:30pm

Governance Officers

Course Overview:
In 2006 the LGA partnered with Norman Waterhouse to deliver the Local Government Delegations Templates Project. Almost 10 years later and the delegations templates have become an invaluable tool for councils. But is your council using the templates correctly and most effectively?
This workshop will provide a practical demonstration of the LGA delegations templates and provide participants with hands on experience in using the templates. Tips for getting the most out of the templates and traps to watch out for will be discussed and participants will have the opportunity to have all their questions answered.
The workshop will be facilitated by Felice D’Agostino of Norman Waterhouse.

Felice has since the inception of the Local Government Delegations Templates Project undertaken the quarterly reviews of the templates and regularly advises councils on delegations as well as undertaking delegations training and audits.

Please note: This is being held the same day as the How to Draft a Statutory Notice Workshop.

To register to attend BOTH workshops, please click here.