Plan Reading and Levelling

8:30am to 3:30pm - over two days
Construction and Maintenance staff, Leading Hands and Supervisors
Course Overview:
Course will provide theory and practical methods of;
    - The principles and practices of basic surveying and engineering used in civil works
    - Horizontal and vertical baselines for set out
    - Review of construction plans and their set out
    - Set out of a minor engineering project
By the completion of the course participants will be able to:
    - Describe the difference in techniques in setting out a right angle
    - Set out a regular figure and check accuracy
    - Define curve set out points
    - Set out a small radius curve and check accuracy
    - Describe the difference in levels and specification
    - Reduce a set of level observations and apply checks
    - Check the accuracy of a level using a field check
    - Take field observations for datum transfer and detail levelling and apply checks
    - Calculate grades and set out in field
    - Review construction plans throughout each of the above sections and interpret information
    - Participate in a small group exercise to layout a project given a set of plans and field data

Bob Andrew - Bob Andrew Consulting


Bob Andrew has been teaching local government works staff for many years in areas of basic surveying and civil engineering. He has qualifications in these areas together with being an accredited trainer.
Bob's experience spans a wide and diverse range of projects in the local government and private sectors and in particular all aspects of road and drainage survey, design and construction.

The courses Bob conducts are practical, hands on and relevant to day to day construction operations.