ChemAlert Search, Stock and Risk Assessment Program

Cost: $650 + GST (flat rate)

9:00am to 5:00pm
Staff responsible for safety aspects relating to chemicals used in the workplace, such as purchasing officers, store personnel, base level users and any other users responsible for searching and identifying products used on site, as well as accessing and creating Risk Assessments.
Course Overview:
The ChemAlert Search, Stock and Risk Assessment course incorporates navigation through the application, product searching, product specific reporting and Risk Assessments. Participants will be trained on the Stock Management module, including the establishment of site specific stock registers and stock holdings to create a customised company specific database. Stock reports such as Hazardous Chemicals registers, Dangerous Goods listings and other critical reports will be generated and analysed by participants. Participants will also learn how to locate existing and create new risk assessments.
Learning Outcomes:
    - Locate products on ChemAlert
    - Retrieve and review manufacturers’ Safety Data Sheets
    - Locate and review Product Details information, including health hazards,  First Aid and PPE
    - Generate ChemAlert reports and product labels
    - Establish a Stock Register and create a Site Hierarchy of Stock Holdings
    - Add, edit or remove products from the Stock Register and specific Stock Holdings
    - Input specific quantities of products into Stock Holdings
    - Generate and review stock reports including Hazardous Chemicals registers and Dangerous Goods Listings
Risk Assessment
    - Create a new Risk Assessment
    - Review and input information relevant to a product Risk Assessment
    - This course is “hands on”, with participants completing practical exercises designed to reinforce knowledge and ensure that skills can be applied in the workplace.

Attendees should bring a laptop with them to undertake online training if possible. Laptops must be setup for Wireless Internet use.


Linda D’Ardenne has been a ChemAlert trainer for 3 years and enjoys interacting with ChemAlert users of all levels. She has trained a number of LGA staff members through the years, both within the metro area as well as throughout regional South Australia.

If you would like to bring this training in-house to your council or to a regional hub with your neighbouring councils, please click here to express your interest or email training@lga.sa.gov.au to discuss with LGA Training staff.