Team Member to Team Leader

9:30am to 4:30pm
Staff who are new to a team leader role or aspiring leaders  

Course overview:
Taking on a team leader role for the first time is an exciting time, but often also a challenging one, especially if you are managing those who were previously your colleagues or you are trying to establish your credibility with an established team, or you are being compared to the previous leader.  This one day workshop will give participants the opportunity to discuss the challenges they are facing in their new role (and in doing so realise these challenges are quite common and they are not alone), strengthen the basic leadership behaviours of direction and support and how to vary these depending on the development  needs of each team member and the  situation  and go away with a workable framework to develop a high performing and happy team.
Topics covered:
The qualities and skills of an effective team leader and knowing your own  unique combination of leadership strengths and current  development needs
Managing relationships with team members who were once your colleagues, and establishing your credibility
How to manage being the “meat in the sandwich” between your team members and upper management
Setting up the conditions for a happy and high performing team:  how to establish team norms, team values and team behaviours
Situational Leadership:  the basic leadership behaviours, when and how much  direction and support to give each team member
How to delegate, give constructive feedback and  deal with conflict
Helen Alm - B Adult and Voc Ed, Ass .Dip. Bus. (HRD)
Helen Elizabeth Alm, has been a trainer, facilitator, adult educator, presenter and coach, since 1987 and has operated her own business, Helen Elizabeth Seminars since 2003. Helen is a dynamic and inspirational facilitator and her areas of expertise include Authentic Leadership, Personal and Professional Effectiveness, Professional Communication, Time, Self and Energy Management, Resilience and  mindfulness in the workplace .