Voters Roll Compilation

Dates and Locations: 
11 May 2018       Adelaide (LGA) – webinar available
16 May 2018       Mount Gambier
29 May 2018       Wudinna             
30 May 2018       Port Lincoln
1 June 2018        Clare

Duration: 1/2 day - 9:30am to 12:30pm

For:  Governance and Rates Officers
Session Overview:
Under the provisions of the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 the council supplementary voters roll expires and is purged from 1 January in the year of the periodic elections. Ratepayers who are not on the House of Assembly electoral roll for the council area and wish to vote in council elections are required to lodge a new application for enrolment. Councils must prepare a fresh roll and provide it to the Electoral Commission to merge with the House of Assembly roll.

Participants attending this course will gain an understanding of:
- The voters roll (including the purging and new enrolment requirements)
- Qualifications for enrolment
- Procedures relevant to an election
- Key dates for the 2018 periodic elections
- Voting entitlements
- Availability of the voters roll
- Dealing with voting papers including declaration votes and scrutiny of the votes
- Interaction with the office of the State Electoral Commissioner

Please note: to register for the webinar being delivered on the 11 May 2018 or any other queries regarding Election Training contact Emma Urvan on 8224 2035 or at emma.urvan@lga.sa.gov.au