Procurement Planning & Management For Local Government

Cost: $200 + GST  - flat rate per person
Duration: 9am-12.30pm
Delivery: Face-to-face and online via webinar 

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For: All staff who are involved in the procurement of goods and  services for Local Government entities, particularly those required to run tenders.                                                                                                                                                                                          
Course Overview:
Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the tendering requirements framework, including legislative requirements.   Covers advanced procurement methods such as, Public Tendering, Selective Tendering, Joint Purchase Arrangements, In-House Tenders and contract development.  Matters relating to Tender Advertising, Tender Administering and Evaluation are also addressed.
Course outline:
    - Local Government Framework
    - Legislation and policy
    - Ethics and probity
    - ICAC
    - Conditions of tendering as prescribed under the Local Government Act
    - Writing Specifications and tender documentation
    - Advertising and issuing tenders
    - Tender receipt and opening procedures
    - Tender evaluation
    - Notifying tenderers
    - Contract formation
    - Documentation and record keeping
Lindy Rattigan, our program presenter has specialised in the area of procurement for many years, having working in State Government (extensively for the State Procurement Board) and Local Government.  Former Manager Contract & Procurement Services at the City of Salisbury – a large metropolitan Council with significant capital and operational spend – the Council was known for the establishment of leading Procurement Contract systems and process management. 


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