Important notification

Following the advice of SA Health as the lead agency for COVID-19 in South Australia, LGA Training has put in place some changes to upcoming training and forums, including the following:

  • All scheduled ‘Face 2 Face’ programs (including in-house and hub training) will move to on-line via ‘Webinar’.
  • If a program is not suitable to be delivered via ‘Webinar’ it will be deferred.
  • ‘Face 2 Face’ delivery will recommence when official advice is provided.

This action has been taken to minimise the risk to both participants and presenters and is effective from 18 March 2020. Information on how to get the most out of ‘Webinar Training’ can be found here.

Further advice for LGA Members about Coronavirus (COVID-19) please click here to visit the LGA’s Members only website.

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