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Council Members (Mandatory Training)

8:30am to 5:00pm

Newly elected Council Members and returned Members who would like a refresher

Course Overview:
The Local Government (Governance) Amendment Bill 2014 passed through the Parliament on Tuesday 28 October 2014 resulting in the LGA Training Standards for Council Members being published on 12 November 2014.
To view the LGA Training Standards for Council Members, please see the following link -

The Council Member Induction Program is designed to assist Council Members new and returning to gain the required set of skills to function well as a cohesive team. The program consists of four modules presented in a full-day of training. The same course is available on-line on the Education & Training website providing the mandatory training requirements in a flexible, self-directed format. Please see the following link -
A description of each module follows: 
Introduction to Local Government delivers an understanding of the Australian System of Government and the composition, structure and operational functions of Councils in South Australia.
Legal Responsibilities delivers an overview of Council Members' duties under the Local Government Act 1999 and related legislation and a description of the roles of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, the Minister for Local Government and the Ombudsman regarding individual and Council performance, with an emphasis on investigations of maladministration, corruption and misconduct.
Council and Committee Meetings will assist both newly and ongoing Elected Members understand meeting procedures established to guide Council decision making.
Financial Management and Reporting delivers an understanding of a Council’s responsibilities for financial and asset management planning, setting rates and monitoring budgets.
Councils are encouraged to consider the benefits of hosting a tailored training program in-house, where this is not possible the LGA E&T service has scheduled a number of sessions as below.
For further information regarding the training offerings please contact Liz O’Flynn, Education and Development Coordinator via email or phone 8224 2044. 

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