Meet our Team

Rowena McLean

Sector Development Director

Rowena leads the delivery and continual improvement of the education and training offering to members.  Her role encompasses supporting Mayors and Elected Members in their leadership effectiveness along with supporting the LGA’s organisational development by working with all staff to build a culture that cares and strives for excellence. Respect is the greatest value that drives Rowena. 

Respect for the people who lead, advocate and strive to make a positive difference within their communities though councils. People who achieve significant outcomes and who are often unacclaimed.

Liz O’Flynn

Program Manager

Liz manages the LGA Education & Training program. She facilitates and manages the annual training and development offer for members and supports liaison with key partners in the delivery of this program. She is responsible for the marketing and advertising of the program and ensuring the program meets member needs.

Making a positive difference is the value that drives Liz and is at the heart of her role. She is passionate about developing holistic learning experiences that are considered, and that offer goal-orientated learning pathways that impact positively on members’ personal and professional development.

Becky Kern

Member Support Coordinator

Becky is the first point of contact for any training enquiries and helps the LGA Training team promote and deliver the annual programs on offer.  Creativity, optimism and achieving results drives Becky. She enjoys helping members and likes to solve any problems by thinking outside of the box. Staying connected is of great importance to her.

Natasha Black

Operations Manager

Natasha leads the LGA Training business and system improvements, driving strategic initiatives and partnerships for the benefit of members while contributing to the delivery of the LGA Training annual program. She is process orientated and resolute in her approach to enhance efficiencies and in turn increase the service value to members. Natasha has a customer centric focus and desire to increase sector skills and capabilities through accessible and cost-effective offerings.

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