The online training option seeks to deliver a high quality training approach that is in-line with the needs of the sector in an interesting and easy to manage format.  


The benefits of undertaking training online include;

  • - Reduced travel time
    - Reduced costs
    - Self-paced and individual progress can be reviewed at any time
    - Relevant and engaging methodology
    - Available 24x7



Please contact the E&T service on 8224 2035 or mylearning@lga.sa.gov.au to discuss your Council's online training needs.


Click on below course catagories to view online training:



New Employee Online Training


Introduction to Maladministration


The online module has been designed as a pragmatic approach to an otherwise very legalistic topic. 



The content has been developed by a group of legal experts and presents a range of plausible and highly applicable scenarios to enable the learner to gain an in-depth overview of the topic and includes a series of questions and answers to reinforce their language outcomes. 


The resource will be available to the learner for a period of three months and a Certificate of Completion can also be issued.





Introduction to Local Government 

Inducting new staff into the work of Local Government is an important first step in assisting them to quickly acquaint themselves with the sector. 

This online training resource was developed to provide new staff with information about the broad range of Local Government functions and will support Council induction programs.


On completion of this training, new staff will have an understanding of:

-           the Australian system of government;

-           the roles, functions and objectives of Local Government;

-           Local Government governance arrangements;

-           financial management in a Local Government context;

-           Understand Chief Executive Officers’ roles and responsibilities;

-           Understand Council Members’ roles and responsibilities; and

-           the Council Member / CEO / Council Staff working relationship.




Legislative Online Training 


Child Safe Environment (refresher) 


This online program has been developed as a ‘refresher’ to ‘Child Safe Environment’  training.

Anyone working with or providing services for children in SA is a mandated notifier. This course provides information pertaining to Section 11 of the Children's Protection Act 1993 and the associated obligations as a mandated notifier.


This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn and report about the signs of possible child abuse and neglect and to find out what could be done to support children and families.





Is this online course suitable for you?

Before enrolling and undertaking this online course ‘Child Safe Environments – Our Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect’ it is important that you check with the organisation or employer that requires you to undertake this training. Some organisations and employers require you to attend the face to face version of this course. Others will be happy for you to undertake this online version. 


Advocacy Toolkit

This Toolkit has been developed by the LGA with the assistance of the Local Government Research and Development Scheme to support and encourage Local Government to advocate.


It is a practical tool designed for senior people in Local Government (CEOs, Mayors and their teams) to successfully plan and execute strategies that will provide opportunities to benefit communities, build and strengthen intergovernmental reputations and relationships, whether it’s securing funding for a project, support for a rezoning plan or changing a State or Federal policy or law.




Council Member Essentials Online Training 


The LGA Education & Training service is pleased to announce the release of the Council Member Essentials Online training program that meets the Mandatory Training requirements for Council Members.


The Council Member Essentials program consists of four online modules;
1.Introduction to Local Government (1.5hrs)
2.Legal Responsibilities (2 hrs)
3.Council & Committee Meetings (1.5 hrs)
4.Financial management and reporting (2.5 hrs)


These four online modules meet the mandatory training requirements set out in the LGA Training Standards for Council Members (November 2014), and are available as single modules or as a complete package as part of the LGA E&T MyLearning portal (http://mylearning.lga.sa.gov.au).

The LGA Training Standard is available here: http://www.training.lga.sa.gov.au/index.cfm/council-member-training/lga-training-standard/

Conflict of Interest and Informal Gatherings 


Changes to the laws governing conflict of interest and informal gatherings have been made. Regulations amending the Local Government (General) Regulations 2013 were promulgated on 27 October 2016. 


The regulations will come into operation on 24 November 2016.  From this date Councils will be required to have an informal gatherings policy which complies with requirements prescribed in the regulations.   The amended regulations also prescribe additional matters of ordinary business for Councils and introduce matters of ordinary business for Council committees and subsidiaries. 



Sessions will cover the legislative frameworks for conflict of interest and informal gatherings.  The operational consequences of the amended regulations will be discussed. 






Business Development Online Training


 Savvy Social Media Master Class


This masterclass will provide participants with an overview of social media and how local councils can use these platforms to engage with their community, increase the profile of the council and build knowledge in this digital landscape.  


Social media is a communication strategy to connect groups and individuals and can help build inclusion amongst the community. 



This course is designed to introduce you to the most popular social media platforms used today, features & benefits of these platforms, it will explore some fun facts along with case studies too.


Savvy Social Media Masterclass is a must for anyone using social media personally or professionally to help create strategies of engagement for your local community.



Minute Takers Handbook - your questions answered!



The Eastern Region Alliance, in partnership with the LGA, the District Council of Grant and the District Council of Mount Barker collaborated to prepare a Minute Takers Handbook that could be used as a reference guide by all minute takers within Local Government. 




Mandarin for Business and Travel 

This program offers participants an introduction to Chinese Mandarin and Chinese culture. It enables participants to communicate in Mandarin ie speak, listen and read Mandarin at a basic level for ease when travelling and doing business in China.


Each week the difficulty and complexity of the course will be increased.

The previous week's session will be reviewed and new vocabulary and dialogue will be introduced.

Participants will make notes and make sentences with new words and learn to translate dialogue.

Sessions will include role plays, simulated games and opportunities for questions.


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

- Grasp basic Pin Yin and tone system

- Greet people, introduce themselves and colleagues

- Discuss your nationality and country of birth

- Understand days of the week and months of the year

- Count and tell the time

- Talk about money




Risk Online Training 

Work Health and Safety for Managers - coming soon


This online program will give you the practical skills to work in Work Health and Safety. It will boost your knowledge on how to contribute to the management of WHS in the workplace, identify and mitigate risks, and apply a systematic approach to safety.


This course reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources.






WHS for Workers - coming soon



This online program describes the skills and knowledge required to understand and comply with work health and safety (WHS) Acts, regulations and codes of practice in the workplace.


The course reflects on the role of individuals who contribute to achieve compliance with WHS legislation as part of their WHS responsibilities. On completion of this course you will be able to identify hazards and manage risks in your workplace.






Manage Risk

Manage Risk aims to add value to an organisation. This online program describes the skills and knowledge required to understand and apply the concepts of risk management in accordance with the ISO 31000:2009. 


 It will provide an overview of the risk management process, explain the importance of policy and why it is important that all employees need to understand risks. It will also provide an insight to help staff to manage risks in their workplace from an internal, external and random source perspective