How to get the most out of ‘Webinar Training’


In these challenging times, there is an opportunity to adapt and be flexible.  

Since 2017, LGA Training has been offering Webinars for members. Today, the benefits of ‘Webinar Learning’ in the workplace are more valuable than ever.

Keen to take an on-line approach?


Some of the benefits of webinars:


•          Convenient and flexible

•          Reaches a wider audience

•          Seamlessly recorded

•          Saves time and travel costs

•          Interactive


Webinars are a remarkable resource. They connect you with a new audience, allow you to reach your fellow learners, and enable you to share invaluable information. Despite the fact that webinars are virtual, when set up properly, they can be very interactive and engaging.


Experts tell us that there are 3 behavioural components that assist us ‘get the most’ from training via webinar: focus, engagement and note taking.



Focus is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. Without good focus, all aspects of your ability to learn will suffer. Maintaining focus during a training session can be challenging and unfortunately, research tells us that the challenge can be greater when training via webinar.


To assist you to maintain focus during a webinar make a commitment before you begin, to eliminate as many distractions as possible.


  • Set yourself up in a location that has minimum distractions;
  • Consider using earphones;
  • Close all tabs in your browser, leaving only the webinar tab open;
  • Consider using a blocking app if you feel you may succumb to accessing your Facebook, Gmail, Snapchat etc.


LGA Training are committed to provide interactive and engaging on-line learning and work with our presenters for an optimal learning experience for participants.


Engaging during a training session has many advantages; it increases attention and focus, motivates us to practice a higher-level of critical thinking skills and promotes meaningful learning experiences.

Never be afraid to speak up when you have a question. Questioning aids both your understanding and that of your co-participants. Questions also help the presenter get a better understanding of the audience and their needs.


Depending on the number of participants online you will have the ability to speak as you would in a face to face session and/or make use of the chat function.



Note taking

Your presenter or facilitator for the on-line training will encourage participants to take notes. Taking notes assists you to focus, better understand the main concepts presented and helps new knowledge ‘stick’ in your brain. Note taking improves your active listening, improves your comprehension of material and your strengthens your ability to retain information.


Experts suggest handwriting key points rather typing a transcript. Handwriting assists with the further digestion of information.


LGA Training have created a 'Webinar Guide' that can be accessed here.