Service Options


We are conscious of emerging technologies and the needs of the sector for regional councils, travel costs and Councils managing staff out of the office for the day. Please see list of delivery options below to suit your Council’s needs:

Face-to-Face Training - LGA Offices 

E&T run a varied list of training in Adelaide at LG House. Attending these courses face-to-face gives you the opportunity to network and discuss with other Local Government staff in rolls similar to yours.


We are now offering training sessions (when suitable to content and learning outcomes) online as a webinar video conference to our members.

We have implemented a simple and flexible videoconferencing system that can be readily adapted to suit changing requirements and shifts in technology platforms. Running these webinars has assisted with regional councils travel costs and higher attendance.


Please click here to view example of previous webinars and further info

Regional Training

Alternatively, have a chat with us about hosting training at your Council for your region. We will invite and engage your neighbouring Council’s to attend and arrange training details and requirements.

The agreed fee of presenter’s travel/accommodation to deliver training regionally will then be divided among in attendance - (as an example if we have 17 staff attending and trainers travel cost is $500 the total will be an added $30pp included in invoice).


In-House Training 

In-house training is a great way to develop your team's capability, improve engagement and increase performance. When a team trains together, the ongoing discussions around the new knowledge acquired and consistency in skills provides a return to both the individual and the team. We can create a tailored training solution ensuring value for your investment - when & where you need it.

Customised Training 

Engage us to develop a course from scratch to suit the strategic needs of your council.

We can train your staff on procedures, template guides, discuss ways to resolve emerging issues within your council, organisational development and many more



To discuss any of the above further, please contact Emma Urvan at emma.urvan@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2035