List of Training Courses


LGA Training delivers a comprehensive training program to the Local Government Sector in South Australia. 


All courses scheduled are designed to support the needs of our members. Courses are available via face to face delivery in metropolitan and regional council areas. LGA Training also offers online and webinar options for some courses. 


In the event that we do not have a course session scheduled, you will have the opportunity to “Express your interest here” through the button found at the bottom left of each program page. This will send your details to the LGA Training team and you will be added to the waitlist. This enables us to monitor interest in each course and once there is a demand for that particular course, you will be notified of upcoming session date/s.


LGA Training's mission is to make accessible valuable, cost effective training opportunities to the Local Government sector in South Australia.


Below is a complete (alphabetical) list of the courses our Service delivers. 


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Accelerate Leadership Program for Women (Personal Dev)

Adobe Illustrator CC – Beginner to intermediate (Technology)

Adobe InDesign CC –Beginner to intermediate (Technology)

Adobe Photoshop CC – Beginner to intermediate (Technology)

Advanced Diploma of Governance, Risk and Compliance (Qualification)

Advanced Procurement for Local Government (LGAP)

Affordable Housing Bus Tour (AHBT)

Ageing Well Forum (AWF)

Apply Problem-Solving Techniques to an IT environment (Technology)

Asbestos Awareness (LGRS)

Audit Committees - for Audit Committee Members (Elected Members)

Audit Committees - General Overview (Elected Members)

Authorised Officers Training (Legislative)

Basic IT Requirements (IT DESKTOP)

Building Better Regions Fund Workshop (LGA Intiative)

Building Effective Relationships (Elected Members)

BUSHFIRE: Information for Customer Service Staff (LGA Intiative)

Caretaker Policy Information Session (CPIS)

Catalyst Women in Leadership (NEW) (Personal Devel.)

CEO Performance Management (CEOPM)

Certificate IV in Risk Management Essentials (Qualification)

CFS Bushfire Support Module (LGA Intiative)

Chain of Responsibility (COR) & Load Restraint and Fatigue Management (CORFM)

Chain of Responsibility (COR) and Load Restraint (Legislative)

ChemAlert Search, Stock and Risk Assessment Program (Technology)

ChemAlert Version 5 Up-Skill Program (CAV5USP)

Child Safe Environments - Orientation/Refresher Module (CSE-ORM)

Child Safe Environments - Responding to Children Module (CSE-RCM)

Code of Conduct (Elected Members)

Commonwealth Grants and Funding (CGF)

Community Engagement Charter - Information Session (LGA)

Community Engagement for Elected Members (Elected Members)

Conduct a Building Access Audit (LGA Intiative)

Confined Space Training (LGRS)

Conflict of Interest (Elected Members)

Conflict of Interest and Informal Gatherings Training (Legislative)

Contract Law Training (Legislative)

Contract Management in the Local Government Sector (LGAP)

Council and Committee Meeting Agenda and Minute Preparation (Business Skills)

Council and Committee Meeting Procedures and Chairing Skills (Business Skills)

Council and Committee Meeting Procedures, Chairing Skills and Chamber Etiquette for Elected Members (EM)

Council Assessment Panel (Elected Members)

Council Chief Executive Officers’ Forum (Forums)

Council Customer Service Bushfire Awareness Workshop (LGA Intiative)

Council Development Assessment Panel Member Fundamentals (Prof Dev)

Council Members (Mandatory Training) (Elected Members)

Council Section 41 Committee Member Training for Community Members (Legislative)

Council, Committee and CAP Meeting Procedures and Minute Preparation (Legislative)

Customer Service - Creating Brand Advocates (Cust.Service)

Customer Service 101 (Cust.Service)

Decision-Making and Developing an Effective Culture - Senior Management (Management)

Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets (Technology)

Developing Policy that Makes a Difference (Prof Dev.)

Development Act Enforcement Basics (Legislative)

Diploma of Local Government Administration (LGA50104) (Asset Management focus) (QUALIFACTION)

Diploma of Risk Management and Business Continuity (Qualification)

Disability Awareness (DA)

Disability Inclusion Transitioning for Councils (LGA Intiative)

Dispute Resolution (Elected Members)

Early Induction Planning (NEW) (Elected Members)

Effective Business Writing Skills (Business Skills)

Effective Council Decision Making for Elected Members (EM)

Elected Members - Meet & Greet (Elected Members)

Elected Members Leadership Program (Forums)

Emergency Management (Elected Members)

Emotional Intelligence 101 for Elected Members (Elected Members)

Equity and Diversity (Prof Dev)

Erosion & Sediment Control Training (LGA Intiative)

Essential Leadership Skills (ELS)

Essential Planning Practices (EM)

Essential Supervisors Course (ESC)

Facilitating Debriefs Clinic (FDC)

Fatigue Management (FM)

Financial Fundamentals for Local Government (FFLG)

First Responder Officers Training (Dog Management) (Legislative)

Fraud and Corruption (Elected Members)

Freedom of Information (FIO)

Gender on the Agenda (Management)

Google Analytics (Prof Dev.)

Governance Forum (Forums)

Growing a Child Friendly SA (LGA Intiative)

Handling Conflict Situations for Council Officers (Cust.Service)

Hazardous Chemical Awareness (LGRS)

How to Draft a Statutory Notice Workshop (Legislative)

How to use LGA Delegations Templates Workshop (HLGT)

IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation (Prof Dev.)

Improving your Decision-Making Skills - Council Staff (Personal Dev.)

Incident Investigation Awareness Workshop (LGRS)

Incident Management 3 (IM3)

Injury Management Rehabilitation and Return to Work Co-ordinator Training (LGRS)

Interviewing Techniques - Mastering the Essentials (Management)

Introduction to Community Engagement for Council Officers (Prof Dev.)

i-Responda - Bushfire - Plant Operators (IRBFPO)

i-Responda Module (IRM)

Liquor Licensing (Legislative)

Local Government - an Introduction (LGA Intiative)

Local Government - Procurement & Competition Law (LGA Intiative)

Local Government Liaison Officer Workshop (LGLO) (LGLOW)

Local Government Property Management (Legislative)

Local Government Volunteer Management Forum - 2019 (VM-LWAT)

Make a Difference - Nominate for Council (SYWTBOC)

Manage Change – Introducing Change Successfully (Prof Dev.)

Management of Council Land and Buildings: Governance Masterclass (Legislative)

Managers & Supervisors Responsibilities (Management)

Managing Roads (Legislative)

Managing Social Media During Emergencies (LGA Intiative)

Managing Stress and Handling Difficult Conversations (Personal Dev.)

Mayors’ and Chairpersons’ Leadership Program (Forums)

Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Intermediate (Prof Dev.)

Microsoft Word - On Demand (Prof Dev.)

Module 1 – Introduction to Local Government (EM)

Module 1 - Introduction to Local Government - Online (Online - EMMTM1)

Module 2 - Legal Responsibilities (EM)

Module 2 - Legal Responsibilities - Online (Online - EMMTM2)

Module 3 – Council & Committee Meetings (EM)

Module 3 – Council & Committee Meetings - Online (Online - EMMTM3)

Module 4 - Financial Management and Reporting (EM)

Module 4 - Financial Management and Reporting - Online (Online - EMMTM4)

MS Outlook: Advanced (MS - A)

MS Outlook: Basics (Prof Dev.)

Negotiating and Influencing Skills (Elected Members)

PART ONE - Contract Law Training (200)

PART ONE - Information Management for Elected Members (Elected Members)

PART TWO - Information Management for Elected Members (Elected Members)

Pavement Materials & Compaction (LGA Intiative)

PDI Act Essentials (PDIAEW)

Personal Bushfire Safety (Emergency Manag)

PID Act Training (PIDAT)

Plan Reading and Levelling (LGA Intiative)

Planning Act Essentials (Elected Members)

Planning and Partnerships Forum – new and emerging opportunities for Councils (LGA Intiative)

Policy Development and Strategic Thinking (PDCM)

Preparing and Updating Asset Management Plans (PUAMP)

Preparing and Updating Long-Term Financial Plans (PULTFP)

Procurement Essentials for Local Government (LGAP)

Procurement Planning & Management For Local Government (LGAP)

Project Management for Council Staff (Prof Dev.)

Public Health and Climate Risk Management: Training session for council staff (LGA Intiative)

Public Health and Community Well-Being (Elected Members)

Public Health Partnerships Forum (PHPF)

Public Health Short Course (PHSC)

Public Health: Briefing for Elected Members (LGA Intiative)

Public Speaking (Elected Members)

Public Speaking - Own The Room (PSOTR)

Public Speaking Skills for Elected Members (Elected Members)

Rates Administration Masterclass (Legislative)

Records Management Classification Scheme and Disposal Schedule Training (RMCSDST)

Records Management Fundamentals (RMF)

Records Management Fundamentals- Classification and Disposal of Records - GDS40 (Day 2 ONLY of two day program) (RMF D2 ONLY)

Refresh 19 Executive and Personal Assistants Forum (Forums)

Regional Public Health Implementation Forum (RPHIF)

Regional Public Health Planning Workshop (RPHPW)

Report Writing (Business Skills)

Reputation and Media for Elected Members (Elected Members)

Reputation and Media Skills for Mayors and Chairpersons (Elected Members)

Road Opening and Closure Procedures (Legislative)

Section 101A Development Act Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee (S101ADASPDPC)

Section 184: Sale of Land for Non-Payment of Rates (Legislative)

Section 48 Notices under the Water Industry Act 2012 (Legislative)

Section 7 Statements Managing Enquiries (Legislative)

Senior and General Managers' Forum (SGMF)

Sharps & Infectious Waste Handling (SIWH)

Social Media 101 (LGA Intiative)

Social Media 2.0 - Advanced (LGA Intiative)

Social Media Webinar (SMW)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #1: Understanding Twitter – the basics (LGA Intiative)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #11: Developing engaging social media content (GA Intiative_co)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #12: Easy content creation tools for beginners (A Intiative_co_)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #13: Facebook Business Manager (LGA Intiative)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #2: Understanding Instagram – the basics (GA Intiative_co)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #3: Advertising on social media (A Intiative_co_)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #4: Promoting your event on social media (LGA Intiative)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #5: Social media health check (GA Intiative_co)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #6: Understanding Facebook Pages (A Intiative_co_)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #7: Analytics – an introduction (LGA Intiative)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #8: Measuring social media (GA Intiative_co)

Social Media Webinar - Webinar #9: Social media management tools – an overview (A Intiative_co_)

Steer Your Career (Personal Dev.)

Strategy and Risk Management (Elected Members)

Successfully Transitioning From Team Member to Team Leader (Management)

Tailored Policy and/or Procedure Workshop - IN-HOUSE (Prof Dev.)

Team Organisational Development (Management)

Techniques for Participation in Community Engagement (Prof Dev.)

Tenders and Specifications for Local Government (LGAP)

Time Management (Personal Dev.)

Tourism and Councils (EM)

Traffic Control Delegations and Authorisations Training (Legislative)

Trees and the Law (Legislative)

Understanding Mental Health Challenges (Prof Dev.)

Understanding your obligations under the Burial and Cremation Act 2013 and Regulations (Legislative)

Voters Roll Compilation (VRC)

Waste Essentials for Council Members (WEFCM)

Welcome To Local Government - online (Online - EMMTW)

Wellbeing and Resilience (Personal Dev.)

Whistleblowers - Fraud and Corruption Reporting (EM)

Whistleblowers Protection Act Responsible Officers (EM)

Work Effectively in a Team Environment (Personal Dev.)

Workforce Planning and Development (Management)

Workplace Bullying Awareness Workshop (LGRS)

Writing an Effective Business Case (Prof Dev.)