Education and Training - Training Offerings


The LGA’s Education & Training Service is one of the many LGA’s Member Services, designed to support the needs of Members. Our aim is to support councils with a cost-effective training solutions that up-skill, develop and assist with culture solutions.  


The 'Education & Training Program' is built on the response and requests from our sector.

We contract some of the most highly recognised individuals and organisations to ensure quality of training and our members requirements/needs are meet. 


We do also offer flexible delivery methods to meet the needs of all councils across the state - for further infrmation please click here 



Courses Categories 

 - Council Procedure and Guides
 - Elected Member Training
 - Emergency Management
 - Financial Planning and Procedures
 - Forums
 - Information Technology
 - Legislative and Regulatory
 - Management and Leadership
 - Personal Development
 - Procurement Training
 - Professional Development
 - Qualifications
 - WHS Training Options