The Local Government (Governance) Amendment Bill 2014 passed through the Parliament on Tuesday 28 October 2014 and commenced on proclamation. The Bill contains the power to make Regulations to introduce mandatory training requirements for Council Members and new wording for the undertaking that Council Members make on attaining office. Further information can be found in LGA Circular 44.5.


Pursuant to Regulation 8AA of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2013 the LGA has published the below training standard for Council Members.


LGA Training Standards for Council Members (PDF) - November 2014


Mandatory Training for continuing Council Members

The LGA Training Standard applies to all new and continuing Council Members. Where a continuing Council Member can demonstrate competency in each of the four mandatory modules based on past experience, their individual training needs may be adjusted and “gap training” undertaken where required. The LGA recommends that continuing Council Members should, as a minimum, undertake modules 2 and 4 as a refresher.


“For continuing Council Members, refresher or update training will be required to ensure that elected members’ legal responsibilities (which will include the nature of the latest legislative changes) and financial management responsibilities are at the forefront.”


Councils may adopt a “self-assessment” or some other approach and the LGA Education & Training service has prepared a Training Record & Gap Analysis tool to assist managing the process. Click here for further details.


The LGA has also prepared a Model Training & Development Policy and Plan for Council Members - please CLICK HERE to download a copy


For any queries regarding the amendment, please contact Alicia Stewar, Director Legislation via email alicia.stewart@lga.sa.gov.au 


For any queries regarding the Education & Training offerings, please contact Liz O'Flynn, Training and Development Coordinator via email liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au.